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The Ukrainian company INSTYLE was founded in 2008. During its existence, the company has grown from a small workshop into a professional design team with its own modern production. Today, INSTYLE is the embodiment of traditions and values through innovation, a conscious approach to design, a formed vision, and a well-developed concept of living space.
Integrated INSTYLE solutions are the embodiment of style and taste, helping you to create an organic space in which each element and piece of furniture is an integral part of a single architectural ensemble.
Each INSTYLE project is based on values and qualities formed by a team of like-minded people over many years of cooperation. Modern INSTYLE collections are the result of finding and understanding scenarios of human behavior in the interior, researching the interplay between a person and their environment, when space is able to create a mood and a special atmosphere, and vice versa, when a person brings a new detail that refreshes the interior or adds visual noise. The desire to create aesthetic environments that would make sense and satisfy the needs of modern people became the driving force behind the appearance of collections united by a single idea. This is how the main concept of visual and physical comfort in the interior environment, in which the spatial form organically coexists with a person, their daily rituals and high requirements for the quality of life, was born.
For the INSTYLE team, over many years of work, high production standards, the quality of materials used, and professionalism in technical matters have become the norm and a reliable basis. For INSTYLE, this is an undeniable basic principle.
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